Seven Miles from Sydney

“Seven Miles from Sydney, a thousand miles from care” is a famous slogan used from the 1920s to promote the Ferry Service from Sydney to Manly.  However, the term ‘Seven Miles from Sydney’ has also been used to promote Strathfield.

In the featured advertisement dated 1913 property sales in Strathfield were promoted by local estate agents, Orton Bros., as ‘Seven Miles from Sydney’, and the fast rail services to the City from Strathfield, but also claimed that Strathfield as a location was recommended by leading Sydney doctors and others for Health and being ‘away from the influences of sea air’.

At this time, it was believed that Tuberculosis (or consumption) as it then known could be cured by moving patients away from cities and sea air to fresh and dry air environments.  Strathfield was promoted as a healthy alternative to the more crowded conditions in the city.

1913 advertisement


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