44 Llandilo Avenue Strathfield

By Cathy Jones

44 Llandilo Avenue was built in 1936 to a design by prominent architectural firm of Waterhouse and Lake.  Though Waterhouse is primarily associated with architecture on Sydney’s North Shore, Waterhouse and Lake also designed ‘Somerset’, now part of Trinity Grammar Preparatory School (cnr Llandilo Avenue and The Boulevarde Strathfield) in 1924.

The house was approved for building a brick dwelling of seven rooms to an estimated value of £2600.  The owner of the house was Reginald Brougham Lee.  In November 1941, the house was sold to Eunice Augusta Everingham for £4781:15:0.

The above photograph was taken c.1938.  The photograph is courtesy of John Wilson, grandson of B J Waterhouse.  The photograph below was taken by Cathy Jones in 2006.

44 Llandilo Ave Strathfield Photograph Cathy Jones. 2006
44 Llandilo Ave Strathfield Photograph Cathy Jones. 2006

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  1. Cathy
    I have enjoyed your recent articles on houses in Llandilo Avenue. I wonder what you might know about this handsome little house in Newton Road. I suspect it might also be architect designed … maybe another work from the Waterhouse & Lake office although it might just be the work of a Master Builder with a good eye for a corner site.

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